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I am a midwife, and pediatric ICU nurse living and working in New York City. I am struck by the fear of infertility and the lack of knowledge surrounding fertility among my colleagues and peers. So I have set out to create a blog addressing fertility to help ease these fears and empower women to understand and optimize their own fertility.

I am starting “The Fertile Times” to address fertility before it is a problem. My goal is to live this experience with you. I will tell you everything I know about fertility, and find the answers to the questions I don’t know. The Fertile Times will address everything from safe beauty products, to timing your ovulation, to genetic testing.

Women spend most of their lives trying to avoid becoming pregnant and then overnight the focus completely changes and suddenly women would do anything to become pregnant. When we are making that switch we realize how little we know about actually becoming pregnant. Our health teachers, doctors, midwives and parents drilled contraception into our minds, but no one ever mentioned how to become pregnant. I am here to be that person. I will tell you everything to expect and how to best prepare for that time.

Unfortunately women often spend the pre-pregnancy phase emotionally isolated from other women. We don’t want to talk to other women because we don’t want to admit we are trying to become pregnant. Once we admit we are trying people immediately assume we are having trouble becoming pregnant. It is hard enough to admit it to ourselves and our partner. So instead we turn to the internet for information and become completely overwhelmed. I am here so that you are not alone.

Recently, I met with one of my husband’s co-workers who recently became pregnant. She was originally from England and did not understand obstetrics in our health care system. She had so many questions including questions about doulas, midwives, caffeine and supplements. I realized how poorly we are prepared for pregnancy. Many of these questions should be answered before becoming pregnant. You may have heard that your health in the months leading up to becoming pregnant matter. This fact has become more popular recently with the media coverage of Zika (which I will cover in a later post). In fact, your health in the three months before you become pregnant is in some ways more important than your health during your pregnancy.

My posts will address preparing your body for trying to become pregnant, the preconception visit, trying to conceive and occasionally I will include posts on pregnancy related topics. I also plan to occasionally have other midwives post on topics in which they are experts. Finally, I expect my posts to evolve to meet your needs. Women support and inform other women and that is what this space is all about.

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