C-Section Postpartum Recovery Kit

I wasn’t planning on having a c-section, but when baby K’s heartbeat started dropping I was rushed back for a c-section that saved both of our lives. 4 months later and I have thought about what items I wish I had for my c-section postpartum recovery. Just like nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother, nothing can truly prepare you for the fear of a c-section. But there are a couple things you can do to ease your c-section postpartum recovery.

I have put together this list as a c-section postpartum recovery kit. By purchasing these c-section recovery products in advance you will be prepared to focus on your healing and your new baby.

#1. Padsrael pads

You may think that since your baby is delivered through your abdomen you wont bleed from your vagina.

You are wrong!

Just like with a vaginal delivery, you will continue to bleed for the first few weeks as your uterus is emptying out. This is one postpartum recovery tip you dont want to miss. Take the large hospital maternity pads home with you. This is a start, but also buy some regular pads and liners to have at home. Once you run out of hospital pads you can switch to your own pads and eventually liners.

I loved these pads and liners because they are soft and organic.


#2. Motrin and Tylenol


I never take pain medication. In fact I wrote this article about alternative remedies for painful periods. However, a c-section is major abdominal surgery and recovery is painful. During my c-section postpartum recovery I alternated between Motrin and Tylenol around the clock. I tried to avoid the Dilaudid that was prescribed to me because of its constipating and addictive qualities. I highly recommend motrin and Tylenol so that you are able to care for your little one and care for yourself. Your doctor will likely prescribe one or the other, but it may cost you more with co-pays to get it prescription and it’s the same medication you can get over the counter. If you already have some at home make sure you check the expiration dates. If its expired buy yourself a new supply to make sure they work!



#3. High Waisted Underwear and Pants

If you used maternity underwear those might work. I never used maternity underpants so I had to buy high waisted underwear that wouldn’t hit my c-section incision. Buy the underpants in a dark color so that if your postpartum bleeding leaks around your pads you wont stain your underwear.

I also bought some loose comfortable lounge pants. You will want to wear your maternity pants for a while after, but I also wanted loose fitting lounge pants. These are nice to wear around the house. Since you may have visitors coming over you probably dont want to be in your pajamas, but you still want something comfortable.

These are the underwear I got:

high waisted underwear

These are the pants I got:

c section pants

#4. Stool softenerstool softener

The pain medication you receive during and after a c-section are constipating. Start taking a stool softener in the hospital and continue it after coming home. Trust me so you dont become constipated. I took Colace in the hospital, so that is what I continued at home. That is also the same stool softener my doctor prescribed me, but it cost $40 at the pharmacy with my prescription.



#5. Halo Bassinetc section bassinet

If you have a c-section the halo bassinet is a must! My baby went to the NICU so I recovered at home without my baby, but I still loved the halo bassinet. If you have a c-section it will be difficult to stand and reach. The sides on this bassinet are on springs so you can access your baby from bed. If my daughter were home with me during those first few weeks recovery would have been impossible without this bassinet.

I actually got mine second hand through a facebook mom’s group. But it would have been worth the $250 it costs online. Even now that I am fully recovered I still love that the sides are on springs. It makes it so easy to reach over and place my hand on her when she’s looking for comfort. It’s also very easy to place her in and out from bed.

I’d also add that we ordered the Snoo to compare it to the halo bassinet and I ended up preferring the $250 halo bassinet to the $1000 Snoo. I like the spring-loaded sides. Also, the sides are mesh which is an absolute must since my daughter always sleeps with her face smooshed up against the side (its adorable).


#6. Bio-Oilc section scar oil

Bio-Oil is important to help improve the appearance of your c-section scar. Bio Oil in conjunction with massage can help to reduce the appearance of your c-section scar. I recommend starting to massage your c-section scar using this C-section scar oil once it is completely healed around 4 weeks. Massage your c-section scar in the shower and then at night before bed. During pregnancy I would apply belly oil to my belly every night and now that I am postpartum I replaced that ritual with applying Bio-oil to my c-section scar.


#7 Belly Binder

belly binder

Some women feel more supported with a belly binder and find it easier to move about in the first few weeks. I requested one from my postpartum nurse so that I had the option of using one down the road. I tried it out a couple times, but I didn’t find it to be that comfortable. However, I would definitely recommend asking your nurse for one in the hospital so you have it as an option.

If you forget to get one in the hospital or your hospital doesn’t carry them, you can try ordering one like this one on amazon.