Best Sex Position to Get Pregnant

Baby-making is simple. The sperm has to reach the egg. Then why does it seem so complicated? When it comes to ovulation we have just a few precious days to get the sperm where we need them and we want to do everything in our power to help them get where we need them. What is the best sex position to conceive? How does sex position affect fertility?

Research shows sex position doesn’t matter!

Studies have shown that sex position does not affect your chances of becoming pregnant. In fact, sperm are found in the cervix within seconds of ejaculation, regardless of your baby-making position.

Logically, it makes sense that being in a position where gravity can help sperm get to their destination would improve your chances. Should you utilize the missionary position for conceiving? The research certainly doesn’t show that the missionary position impairs your fertility. I would recommend whatever sex position is the most enjoyable. After all, one of the most significant factors in becoming pregnant is having frequent sex. It is much easier to keep up the good work if you are both enjoying it. If you feel better sticking with missionary just to be safe, then missionary is perfectly fine.

More important than sex position is making sure that ejaculation occurs with deep penetration. You want the sperm to be placed as close to the cervical opening as possible. The cervix is located at the deepest point in the vagina. So regardless of position, make sure ejaculation occurs deep in the vagina.

Does Female Orgasm Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

No! Although there are theories that female orgasm cause uterine contractions that help move the sperm towards the egg, research has not supported this theory. The committee opinion from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) states that female orgasm has no identified effect on fertility.

#5 Ways to Improve your Chances of Getting Pregnant

You may be disappointed to find out that sex position doesn’t significantly impact your chances of getting pregnant. But there are other ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

#1 Chart your Fertility

This can help you identify when you are fertile and when you ovulate so you can time sex around when it is the most likely to result in pregnancy. Check out my article on fertility charting to learn more!

#2 Frequent Sex

The research shows having sex daily is the most likely to result in pregnancy. Long periods of abstinence decrease fertility.

#3 Limit caffeine and alcohol

Limit alcohol to 1-2 drinks per night, 3 nights per week and limit caffeine to 200mg per day.

#4 Attain a healthy body weight.

If you are overweight, start a healthy diet and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Ideally you want your BMI to be less than 30 and greater than 18.5. If you are underweight, add more protein and healthy fats into your diet. Eat frequent meals to obtain a healthy BMI.

Don’t forget to take a prenatal vitamin. I personally took a prenatal vitamin before I got pregnant. This not only gives you the necessary vitamins, but can also increase your fertility by making sure you are not deficient in any specific nutrient. I love prenatal gummy vitamins because I always remember to take it, since they are delicious!