Best Diapers of 2019

I previously shared my top diaper recommendations of 2018. Since then I had a baby and I have tried out the different diapers. For 2019 I am happy to share how each diaper held up and which diapers came out on top. These are the best diapers of 2019. Things that were most important to me were comfort, absorption and simplicity. I also considered price in my rankings.

The Winner Is…

#1: Mama Bear

I received these diapers in the Amazon Baby Welcome Box. (To find out how to get one, click here). These diapers ran a little smaller than the Pampers Pure and some of the other big box brands.

  • They have the wetness indicator, which helps me know when I need to change my daughter’s diaper.
  • They are so soft. Comfortable for my daughter to sleep in all night.
  • And they are unscented. I didnt even know diapers came scented until I tried some brands out.
  • These are very reasonably priced at about $0.18/diaper for size 1.

#2: Pampers Pure

These diapers are my favorites, but they are more expensive than the Mama Bear brand. The main reason I love these diapers is because they are the softest, most simple, and easiest to use. Honestly, if price is not an issue these might be my favorites.

  • They are soft. These diapers are made of a premium cotton. When I put them on my daughter they feel comfortable.
  • They had the lowest likelihood of leakage. This doesn’t mean we never had a blow-out- but it happened less often with pampers pure.
  • They have the wetness indicator!
  • Also unscented!
  • These diapers are quite expensive. The size 1 diapers cost $0.34/diaper. When your little one is going through 6-8 diapers/day, this can really add up quickly!

#3: Target Up&Up Diapers

I actually received these from a friend. I was initially skeptical, but they turned out to be great and they are very reasonably priced!

  • They are soft. Not as soft as pampers pure or Mama Bear, but substantially softer than some of the other brands.
  • They have the very convenient wetness indicator
  • A box of 176 size 1 diapers costs $22, bringing the price to only $0.08 per diaper! This is an opportunity for huge cost savings!

#4: Honest Co Diapers

I really really wanted to love these diapers. They have such pretty designs! I bought a pretty flower design for my daughter. But these were one of my least favorites because they were the least practical.

  • They are so uncomfortable and not soft!
  • They are expensive! These diapers are about $0.30 per diaper.
  • Honest Co. diapers have no wetness indicator!

#5: Seventh Generation Diapers

I like these diapers because they are good for the environment. However, that is where their good qualities end.

  • These are also super uncomfortable and rigid.
  • They are not absorbent. Poop rides up these diapers and comes right out the top. This leaves me with lots of extra laundry.
  • Seventh Generation diapers have no wetness indicator
  • These don’t even have fun prints like the Honest Co Diapers.
  • These diapers cost $0.25 per diaper.

#6: Pampers Swaddlers

I expected these diapers to be pretty good. After all they are the most popular diapers and they are the diapers found in the hospital. However, when I got a pack of these diapers from a friend I was so disappointed that I gave away the rest of the pack. What was the issue? The scent!

  • These diapers are scented. Who wants to be adding fragrance to their perfect baby’s soft bottoms? Not me!
  • Otherwise these diapers are pretty similar to the Pampers Pure, but the scent was a huge problem for me.

Overall my favorites were the Pampers Pure and the Mama Bear Diapers. Mama Bear appears to be significantly cheaper so these could be more appealing. I would not buy the Seventh Generation, Honest Co. or Pampers Swaddlers Diapers again.