4 Best Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Prenatal gummy vitamins have become very popular and for good reason- they are delicious and some people find them easier to stomach. When you are ttc or pregnant you may opt for this tasty treat rather than suffering with the green, often large swallow prenatal vitamins. Prenatal gummy vitamins come in a variety of flavors and sizes. There are organic prenatal gummy vitamins and even vegan prenatal gummy vitamins. How do you choose among all the options? I’ve read through all the ingredients and come up with the best prenatal gummy vitamins.

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What are Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal Vitamins are essentially the same as regular daily multi-vitamins with one exception:

Prenatal vitamins contain Folate.

Folate can be present as folic acid, folate, or methyl-folate. Each person’s body absorbs folate differently. Methyl-folate is the active form of folate and therefore is most easily absorbed by the body. Some of my recommendations contain methyl-folate, some contain folate and a few contain folic acid. To learn more about folate check out my article here.

4 Recommended Products

Smarty Pants Organic Prenatal Complete (link)

Active Ingredient: Methyl-folate

Pros: The number one reason I chose this vitamin as the best prenatal gummy vitamin is because it is delicious, organic, vegetarian and it has methyl-folate instead of folic acid. These are the best tasting prenatal gummy vitamins available! The Smarty Pants brand just came out with this new, organic version of their original prenatal vitamin.

These vitamins also contain a small amount of probiotics which can aid in digestion and boost your immune system.

Cons: However, like all gummy prenatal vitamins these vitamins are lacking in some essential nutrients. Smarty Pants Prenatals contain no iron. So if you opt to take Smarty Pants prenatals it is essential that you take an additional iron supplement, such as Floradix. It also contains no calcium or choline. To find out why choline is important and what are the best choline supplements, check out my article on choline.

Additionally, Smarty Pants Prenatals contain little, if any, DHA. This is common among all prenatal vitamins and for this reason many vitamin companies sell a separate DHA supplement. DHA is essential for fetal brain development. Checkout my article to find which DHA supplements are the best.

Price: The directions tell you to take 4 Smarty Pants Prenatal vitamins per day. This isn’t hard to do when your prenatal vitamins taste great!

4 gummies per day comes out to $1.33 per day.

Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete (link)

Active Ingredient: Methyl-folate

Pros: This product is also made by Smarty Pants. It is their original, non-organic prenatal gummy vitamin. This gummy vitamin also contains methyl-folate and is also delicious.

Unlike, its organic counterpart, because this prenatal gummy vitamin isn’t vegetarian it contains a small amount of choline and DHA. This may be irrelevant if you still need to take an additional DHA and choline supplement.

Cons: The biggest differences between Smarty Pants Organic Prenatal Complete and Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete is that the organic version is organic, contains probiotics and is vegetarian.

You also need to take 6 gummies per day as opposed to 4 gummies per day. This could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on if you like the taste of these gummies.

Price: Additionally, Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete cost less than Smarty Pants Organic Prenatal Complete. Even if you take 6 gummies per day, these cost about $1 per day.

Garden of Life mykind Organic Prenatal Gummies (link)

Active Ingredient: Folate

Pros: What makes these prenatal gummy vitamins stand out is that they are organic and vegan. These are the best vegan prenatal gummy vitamins available. They are also the best tasting of the vegan prenatal vitamins.

These gummy prenatal vitamins contain Vitamin D3 and folate, which is better than folic acid.

The serving size is 4 gummy vitamins per day. Fortunately, they taste like candy so this should not be difficult if you like the taste.

Cons: Unfortunately, like the rest of the gummy vitamins they do not contain any calcium or iron. Additionally, they don’t contain any DHA or choline, but this is fairly standard for prenatal vitamins and you can always find a DHA supplement or Choline supplement from my recommended products.

Price: A 30-day supply of these vegan prenatal vitamins comes out to $0.80 per day, which is actually better than the Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins.

Solimo Prenatal Gummy Vitamins (link)

Active Ingredient: Folic Acid

Pros: Did you know Amazon has come out with its own vitamin brand? It is called Solimo and I don’t doubt it will quickly become a favorite. The best thing about these prenatal gummy vitamins is their price! They are extremely affordable at only $10 for a 45 day supply. These vitamins also contain a small amount of DHA and choline. Once again, not near the recommended daily intake, but it is there.

Cons: My first drawback is that because these are new there are not many reviews. With time I’m sure this will change and hopefully the reviews will be positive.

Secondly, some of the nutrients are not ideal. These vitamins contain folic acid, not folate or methyl-folate. Folic acid is required for fetal nervous system development, but folic acid has to be converted by the body into the active form, methyl-folate. If you have the MTHFR mutation or are unsure I would not recommend this prenatal vitamin for you.

These vitamins also contain no calcium, no iron and no iodine. This concerns me and I would make sure you are getting enough of these nutrients from your diet.

Price: The best thing about these vitamins is the price. A 45 day supply only costs $10! This comes out to $0.22 per day– that is cheap for prenatal vitamins!


While these are all delicious I personally take the swallow prenatal vitamins. I decided to go with the swallow prenatal vitamins because they contain more of the essential nutrients I need, especially iron. I chose the Honest Co. Prenatals. To read my review of all prenatal vitamins, read my article here.

However, if you prefer the gummies, I would choose the Smarty Pants Organic Prenatal Vitamins, and supplement with Iron (Floradix) and DHA. I would also evaluate your diet and consider adding a Calcium and Choline supplement if you do not get consume these nutrients in your diet.

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